Guidelines for application and reporting

Member unions of LO, Saco or TCO apply for project funds for international trade union projects. International unions (Global Union Federations) apply through their Swedish partners.

Union to Union coordinates the Swedish trade union project activities by providing methodological expertise, financial follow-up, services and tools to unions in Sweden and abroad. To this end we continuously develop guidelines, recommendations and project handbooks on planning, follow-up and evaluation.

Projects are financed by funding from the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), EU funds and contributions from the Swedish trade union movement.

When a global union co-operates with more than one Swedish partner, one of these is responsible for the application.

We are currently accepting applications for the Capacity Development programme for 2017, depending on availability of grants. For more information please contact the corresponding programme officer.

Please note that applications must be presented through a swedish LO, Saco or TCO member union.

Handbook for strategic project planning
The Handbook was developed in order to support project managers, affiliates and others involved in planning, formulating and implementing of trade union development projects. It refers to the whole process using a Logical Framework (Logframe) Approach, and includes many examples from Trade Union Development Projects.
Handbook of Participatory Project Planning, part 1
Handbook of Participatory Project Planning, part 2
Annex 3


Additional application 2017
All project or program applications must be submitted on the formats provided by Union to Union. Deadline is June 1, 2017.

Each narrative application must be accompanied by the budget application.

Additional application projects 2017 (English)
Partner information 2017 (English)
Budget projects 2017 (English)

Application 2018-2022
All project or program applications must be submitted on the formats provided by Union to Union. Deadline is June 1, 2017.

Each narrative application must be accompanied by the budget application. NOTE!: The budgets are submitted with one file per year in the application.

Project and Program Application 2018-2022
Partner information 2018-2022
Budget projects 2018-2022
Budget instruction and guidelines 2018-2022

Hints and help to fill out the finance template

Guidelines for Organizational Assessment
The objective from the organization assessment is to assess the capacity of the partner organizations to receive donor funds and carry out project activities. Union to Union guidelines and the organizational assessment questions are for the Global Union Federations and partners. All projects need to include organizational assessments of the proposed partner organizations in each country where the project is planned to intervene.
Guidelines for Organizational Assessment
Organizational Assessement Format (GUF)

Guidelines for thematic analyses
All project and programme applications must include development analyses corresponding to the sector the project will be implemented in. The mandatory thematic analyses must be included in the application form. Support for this work may be found in the following documents:
Guideline for Gender Analysis
Guideline for Conflict Analysis
Guideline for Environmental Impact Analysis
HIV and Aids Analysis

Risk analysis
A specific risk analysis shall be made and included in the application. It’s purpose is to show how the owners of the project reasons about internal and external risks that might occur while working with the project, and how well the project is equipped to handle them. They shall also be included in and reflected on in the reporting.
Guidelines risk assessment and management

Sample field agreement
In accordance with the requirements of Union to Union, when funds are transferred to another partner organization within the project chain, the Swedish unions and Global unions must sign an agreement with that organization.  This Sample agreement has been produced as an example to be used by our partner organizations.
Sample field agreement

Agreement Appendix 2018-2022

App.2 Audit instruction 2018-2022
App.3 Anti Corruption Policy 2018-2022
App.4 Code of Conduct 2018-2022
App.5 Sida Procurement Regulations


Budget Instruction 2017

Request for Funding
As soon as the agreement and, for multilateral projects, the Appendix to the Co-operation Agreement are signed and returned to Union to Union, a request for funding can be made on the “Request Form”. Disbursement of funding is made twice a year, on request, and in if the conditions under §5 of the agreements have been fulfilled.  Payments are made at the latest on December 10th each year.
Request for transfer of funds 2018 (English)

Midterm report
The midterm report focuses on implemented activities and a financial update in order to assess annual implementation.The midterm report shall be sent by a Swedish Union to the corresponding program officer at Union to Union, preferably by August 15.

(If the application was made on the new xls-form with budget and outcome, then use that. If not, the new form below shall be used to fill out the outcome. This file will then be re-used for the yearly report.)
Midterm Narrative Reports 2017
Midterm Financial Report 2017


Reporting of the annual support shall reach Union to Union no later than February 28, 2018. The reports must be submitted by the Swedish partner organization and include Narrative Report, Financial Report and Audit Report with Management Letter by a chartered accountant. The corresponding  Management Response must be submitted by March 15 at the latest. Those organizations that have implemented programmes as agreed, shall report on the Programme Report Form.

Project/Programme Report 2017
Partner Information 2017
Financial Report 2017
Instruction for Financial Report 2017
Audit Instruction 2017
Budget Instruction 2017
Hints and help to fill out the finance template

Example Audit Report
Example Management Letter

Please feel free to use the checklists:
Checklist Asessment Financial Report
Checklist Asessment Audit Report


The strategy of Union to Union 2018-2022
Guidelines for internal and external environment
Code of conduct
Anti Corruption Policy
Guideline for handling corruption cases (eng)
Gender Equality
Men as agents of change for gender equality
Guidelines for evaluations

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